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chanyeol imitating kai’s catwalk
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SHINee Problems

Jonghyun: the misconceptions of us
Onew: you*
Jonghyun: YOU ME US
Taemin: Everybody!
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jjong starts off positive and then ends up throwing key under the bus

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secrets secrets are no fun…

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No Sehun

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hey you be quiet
14 780 lectures

140823 TLP SINGAPORE: chen tellin baek to shut it in english during his introduction 

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what the fuck even is this band (trans)

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Baekhyun’s reaction when Lay called their couple “asshole” 

' He said 변씽 (ByunXing) but it sounded like he said 병신 (ByungXin) which means Jerk/asshole

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really exo? really (ノ;ω;)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・

WHY have I not been watchng this show

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*goes into the black market*
I’m looking for…. a kris photocard

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Sehun’s cute victory dance…..

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Oh Sehun being smooth as heck

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evolution of Kris’ freestyle 201220132014

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